Signing Contract
1. Free consultation:


Treating everyone the same is the opposite of treating everyone fairly. We understand that each person's needs and circumstances are different so the first step is to find out if we can help you. There are many introducers and exciting opportunities to choose from so we appreciate the importance of understanding and learning about your way of working. This will allow us to prioritise your requirements, leaving it clear on how we can really be of value to you from the beginning.

2.Choosing the right product: 


We do not compromise with you, it´s on your terms or nothing. We will provide you with the options and leave it to you to choose which company can provide you with what you need to achieve your desired outcome. Whether you have short, medium or long term plans we will make sure we work at your pace. We aim for you to start properly and finish strong.

3. Documentation:


Once you have carried out your own due diligence and you feel that your chosen product is the right fit for you, the next step is to fill in the investment application form and provide your account manager with the necessary documents for the company in question to carry out AML checks. We will begin the process by sending your application to the relevant company for approval. The complete process usually takes between 24-48 hours.