Business handshake
First Call Management is a European marketing company and introducer. We connect our clients to some of the most rewarding and efficient opportunities globally. 

 Our expertise runs across many traditional and innovative sectors from pioneering start-ups, renewable energy to sustainable green mining exploration projects.

We are forward-thinking and differentiated. We embrace change and complexity to understand both the present and the future. We focus on connecting our clients to attractive and sustainable risk-adjusted returns, irrespective of market conditions.

We do not manage any investments or handle client funds, we do not charge any of our clients administration or management fees which allows us to be unbiased in the opportunities we put forward.

Our service 

We offer marketing services to a network of private companies that seek to raise capital from the retail sector.


We carry out thorough internal due diligence on all companies prior and

obtain all the legal documentation and marketing material.


We are then able to provide that information to our clients for them to carry

out their own independent due diligence.

Our mission

Assist all clients in building long term growth. Help companies find sophisticated and HNW candidates for privately structured short and long term opportunities, while supporting the growth of the economy and moving the world towards a better future.